Introducing one of the lowest calorie cocktails in the world

Discover the unique taste of PASSIONBERRY: premium handpicked strawberries combined with a delicate infusion of alcohol to take you on a delicious escape….

PASSIONBERRY is a new range of ultra premium strawberry alcoholic cocktails. Made with 50% real natural New Zealand strawberries & pure distilled 9% white spirit PASSIONBERRY is a truely authentic easy serve cocktail with no added sugar. It’s also one of the lowest calorie cocktails in the world with just 59 calories per serve making it the perfect guilt free drink this summer!

If you’re a lover of strawberries then you’ll love PASSIONBERRY. With no added sugar and all the goodness of real natural sun ripened and sweet berries, this drink will be sure to add the “WOW” factor to your next party.

Simply chill, pour and serve it straight over crushed ice or mix it up with champagne, vodka and freshly squeezed lime to create your own special signature cocktail recipe. Get exclusive access to a variety of stunning summer cocktail recipes here.

Available in a range of tantalising tropical flavours PASSIONBERRY is made in New Zealand using only our best natural sun ripened strawberries – explore the full Product Range Here

Passionberry also boasts an enviable tiny calorie count (lower even than a vodka soda) – COMPARE DRINK CALORIES HERE

Passionberry can be used in a large variety of easy cocktail recipes. Drink it straight out of the bottle over ice for the full fresh taste of our finest real strawberries, or sweeten it up with a mix of soda or lemonade. You can create a large range of alcoholic drinks and nearly any strawberry flavored cocktail, such as mojito cocktails, stawberry vodka cocktails, cosmopolitan cocktails, martinis, champagne cocktails, bacardi cocktails and many more.